2024 Volkswagen ID.7 Pro - Specifications and price

Top speedAcceleration
SpecificationsDriving range
Body type: Sedan
Doors: 4, Seats: 5
Length: 195.3 in / 4961 mm
Height: 60.5 in / 1536 mm
Curb weight: 4788.44 lb / 2172 kg
Electric motor: 210 kW, 550 Nm, Location: Rear
Top speed: 111.8 mph / 180.0 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 6.50 s
Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
Battery: 77 kWh

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Brand, model, trim, price

Information about the brand, series, model name and year, trim and price of the electric vehicle.


The name of the manufacturer.


The model name of the electric car.


The code/name that denotes the level of equipment of the EV including exterior and interior features, battery packs, electric motors, etc.

Model year

The year for which the model is announced by the manufacturer. Most often it does not completely coincide with the calendar year in which the model is available on the market.


Markets in which this electric vehicle is available.


Current MSRP of the model (before incentives) depending on the market.

EUR 56,995 (Germany, Aug 2023)

Body style, dimensions, volumes, weights.

Information about the EV body style, dimensions, clearance, volumes, curb weight, GVWR.

Body style

The body style of the model as defined by the number of doors and roof treatment.


Materials used in the vehicle's body construction.

Exterior colors

Available exterior colors for the model as specified by the manufacturer.

Moonstone Gray
Aquamarine Blue
Glacier White
Scale Silver
Grenadilla Black
Interior colors

Available interior colors for the model as specified by the manufacturer.

Grey Melange/Soul-Black
Mistral Grey/Soul Black
Soul Black
Number of doors

Number of doors for passengers. Depending on the body style, the doors can be two, four, etc.

Number of seats

Number of seats inclduing the driver and passenger ones. Depending on the model, the seats can be five, six, seven or other.


The distance from the frontmost to the rearmost point of the electric vehicle.

195.3 in (inches)
4961 mm (millimeters)
Width with mirrors

The width of the vehicle with unfolded mirrors included.

84.3 in (inches)
2141 mm (millimeters)
Width with folded mirrors

The width of the vehicle with folded mirrors included.

73.3 in (inches)
1862 mm (millimeters)

The distance from the ground to the top of the electric car.

60.5 in (inches)
1536 mm (millimeters)

The distance between the centers of the front and rear axle.

117.0 in (inches)
2971 mm (millimeters)
Front track

The distance between the centers (centerline) of the two wheels on the front axle.

62.9 in (inches)
1598 mm (millimeters)
Rear track

The distance between the centers (centerline) of the two wheels on the rear axle.

61.8 in (inches)
1569 mm (millimeters)
Front headroom

The vertical distance from the vehicle's roof to the front seats bottom.

40.6 in (inches)
1030 mm (millimeters)
Rear headroom

The vertical distance from the vehicle's roof to the rear seats bottom.

37.8 in (inches)
961 mm (millimeters)
Front shoulder room

The horizontal distance between the panels of the two front doors.

59.8 in (inches)
1518 mm (millimeters)
Rear shoulder room

The horizontal distance between the panels of the two rear doors.

59.3 in (inches)
1507 mm (millimeters)
Trunk volume

The available space for cargo in the main trunk, excluding the additional available space from folding one or two rear seat rows.

532.0 l (liters)
18.79 ft3 (cubic feet)
0.53 m3 (cubic meters)
Maximum trunk volume

The maximum available space for cargo in the main trunk, including the additional available space from folding one or two rear seat rows.

1586.0 l (liters)
56.01 ft3 (cubic feet)
1.59 m3 (cubic meters)
Curb weight

Curb weight (a.k.a. kerb weight) is the EV mass with standard equipment, liquids (oils and fuel at nominal tank capacity) but without cargo and passengers. In some EU countries, the curb weight also includes the weight of a 75 kg (165 lb) driver.

4788.44 lb (pounds)
2172 kg (kilograms)

GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating and is also known as gross vehicle mass (GVM). It describes the maximum operating weight of the electric car including the curb weight and payload (accessories, equipment, driver, passengers and cargo).

5798.16 lb (pounds)
2630 kg (kilograms)
Drag coefficient

The drag coefficient or coefficient of drag is related to the car's aerodynamics as it denotes the resistance to the air of the front surface of the vehicle when it is in movement. The lower the coefficient, the better aerodynamics the model has. Ultimately, this allows for higher speeds and improved power efficiency.

0.23 Cd (drag coefficient)
Additional information

Additional details related to the electric car's body.

Front and rear track with 20" wheels - 1588 / 1559 mm
Height open tailgate - 2280 mm
Axle load front / rear - 1210 / 1470 kg
Trailer load braked at 12% / 8% - 1000 / 1200 kg
Trailer load unbraked - 750 kg

Electric motor

Information about the model's electric motor and its performance


The name of the manufacturer of the electric motor.


The model name of the electric motor.

Electric motor type

The electric motor category according to the type of motor commutation. Most electric motors operate on magnetism and can be powered by direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) sources. Depending on the type of commutation, electric motors are either self-commutated (AC and DC, mechanical or electronic) and externally commutated (AC only, asynchronous or synchronous).

Permanent magnet synchronous
Location of the motor

Information about the electric notor's location. The two most common locations are the front and rear of the electric car.


The power produced by the electric motor depends proportionally on the motor's rotational speed.

210 kW (kilowatts)
281.6 hp (mechanical horsepower)
285.5 ps (metric horsepower)

Torque is the driving force of an electric motor and is the rotational equivalent of a linear force. A typical feature of electric cars is that they get full torque from zero speed.

550 Nm (newton meters)
56.1 kgm (kilogram meters)
405.7 ft-lb (foot-pounds)
Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is a typical feature of electric vehicles, in which the electric motor uses the vehicle's kinetic energy to save power or stores it for later use.



Information about the top speed and acceleration of the model.

Top speed

The top speed that the vehicle can achieve as specified by the manufacturer.

111.8 mph (miles per hour)
180.0 km/h (kilometers per hour)
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h

The time in seconds the electric car needs to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

6.50 s (seconds)

Driving range

Information about the official driving range of the model according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure)337.4 mi / 543.0 km

Energy efficiency

Information about the energy efficiency of the model in various measurement units according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure)City11.4 kWh/100 km
WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure)Combined14.1 kWh/100 km
WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure)Highway18 kWh/100 km


Information about the type of the steering mechanism of the model and related features.

Type of steering mechanism

Information about the design type of the steering mechanism of the electric car.

Rack and pinion
Type of power steering

Information about the type of power steering used in this model.



Information about the transmission of the model.

Type of transmission

Information about the type of transmission used by the vehicle. Generally, EVs are equipped with one-speed automatic units.

Automatic single-speed reduction gear

Information about the type of drivetrain (the system that delivers power to the driving wheels).

Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
Additional information

Additional details about the model's transmission.

Transmission model - EQ550-1P


Information about the rims available for this electric car.



Information about the tyres available for this electric vehicle.

MarkingsWidthProfileDiameterLoad indexSpeed index 


Specifications and features of the rechargeable battery that powers this vehicle.

Type of rechargeable battery

The type of rechargeable battery depending on its composition.

Battery capacity

The capacity of the rechargeable battery that powers this EV as specified by the manufacturer in kilowatt hours.

77 kWh (kilowatt hours)

Information about the position of the battery pack in the electric vehicle.

Under the floor, middle
Additional information

Additional information about the rechargeable battery of the electric car.

Optional heat pump

Charging type

Information about the different types of charging of this specific electric car.

AC chargingType 2 (IEC 62196-2, Mennekes, SAE J3068)--11 kW
DC chargingType 2 (IEC 62196-3 FF, CCS2)--175 kW

Onboard charger/Charging port

Information about the onboard charger(s)/charging port(s) available on this electric vehicle.

Onboard chargerType 2 (IEC 62196-3 FF, CCS2)11 kW--

Charging time

Information about the estimated charging time for this EV depending on the various type of charging it supports.

TypeBattery %Estimated time (h:m)
DC charging10% - 80%00:28
AC charging0% - 100%08:00

Additional features

A list of standard and optional exterior and interior features of the model.

Safety and assistanceAdaptive chassis control DCC incl. driving profile selectionO
Safety and assistanceAirbags for driver and front passenger with front passenger airbag deactivationS
Safety and assistanceAnti-theft alarm system with interior monitoring, back-up horn and towing protectionS
Safety and assistanceArea View with 4 cameras including a rear-view cameraS
Safety and assistanceAsymmetrically folding rear seatsS
Safety and assistanceAutomatic Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)S
Safety and assistanceDistraction and fatigue detectionS
Safety and assistanceEmergency AssistS
Safety and assistanceEmergency brake assistant "Front Assist" with pedestrian and cyclist detectionS
Safety and assistanceFirst aid kit, warning triangle and safety vestS
Safety and assistanceFront and rear curtain airbagsS
Safety and assistanceFront side and center airbagsS
Safety and assistanceISOFIX on outer rear seats and the front passenger seatS
Safety and assistanceKeyless Access with safetyS
Safety and assistanceLane change assistant "Side Assist", parking assistant and exit warningS
Safety and assistanceLane Keep/Departure AssistS
Safety and assistanceMemory function for parking assistantS
Safety and assistancePark Assist Plus with parking aidS
Safety and assistanceProactive Occupant Protection SystemS
Safety and assistanceProactive occupant protection systemS
Safety and assistanceProgressive steeringO
Safety and assistanceSafety-optimised front head restraintsS
Safety and assistanceStandard hazard warning with Car2X technology via WLAN (pWLAN)S
Safety and assistanceThermal insulation glazing green, side and rearS
Safety and assistanceTire pressure indicatorS
Safety and assistanceTraffic Sign RecognitionS
Safety and assistanceTravel Assist with predictive cruise control and cornering assistanceS
Safety and assistanceTurning brake function and evasive assistanceS
Safety and assistanceWarning tone and light for unfastened seat belts at the front and rearS
Infotainment and connectivity"Comfort" telephone interface with inductive charging functionS
Infotainment and connectivity8 x +1 speakersS
Infotainment and connectivity12 x +1-speaker Harman Kardon sound system with subowoofer and 700WO
Infotainment and connectivity15-inch touch display with Digital Cockpit infotainment systemS
Infotainment and connectivityApple CarPlay and Android Auto supportS
Infotainment and connectivityAR Head-up DisplayS
Infotainment and connectivityDigital radio reception DAB+S
Infotainment and connectivityDiscover Pro Max navigation systemS
Infotainment and connectivityIDA Online Voice AssistantS
Infotainment and connectivity4 x USB Type-C ports - 2 front and 2 centralS
Infotainment and connectivityVW Connect with permanent SIM cardO
Air-conditioning3-zone Air Care Climatronic with active combi filter and rear controlsS
Air-conditioningDynamic climate control for each individual seatO
SeatsComfort front seats with massge and comfort dashboardO
SeatsergoActive Premium seats with pressure point massage and pelvic activationO
SeatsHeated front seatsS
SeatsHeated rear seatsO
Steering wheelHeated multifunction steering wheel with touch controlS
Doors and windows"Easy Open & Close" sensor-controlled tailgateO
Doors and windowsElectrically dimmable Smart Glass panoramic rrofO
Doors and windowsFoldable hitch with electric releaseO
Doors and windowsFront screen in laminated safety glass, wirelessly heated and infrared-reflective, noise-absorbingS
Doors and windowsIlluminated door handle recessesS
Doors and windowsLaminated safety glass for front side windowsO
Doors and windowsRain sensorS
Doors and windowsRemote tailgate releaseS
Doors and windowsTinted rear side windows and rear windowO
Doors and windowsWindshield washer nozzles heated automatically at the frontS
MirrorsAuto-dimming interior rearview mirrorS
MirrorsElectrically adjustable, foldable and heated side mirrorsS
MirrorsIlluminated sun visor mirrorsS
MirrorsLowering front passenger side mirrorS
Lights10-color Ambient LightingS
Lights30-color Ambient LightingO
Lights3D LED taillightsO
LightsAmbient lighting with logo projectionS
LightsCornering and bad weather lightsO
LightsDynamic headlight range control, with dynamic cornering lightsO
LightsDynamic Light AssistO
LightsHigh beam assistantS
LightsIQ. LIGHT - LED matrix headlightsO
LightsLED headlightsS
LightsLED tail lights with dynamic turn signalO
LightsLED taillightsS
LightsStrip between the headlights and recessed door handles illuminatedO
UpholsteryArtVelours Eco seatingO


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2024 Volkswagen ID.7

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 Pro

Doors: 4, Seats: 5
Length: 195.3 in / 4961 mm
Height: 60.5 in / 1536 mm
Curb weight: 4788.44 lb / 2172 kg
Electric motor: 210 kW, 550 Nm, Location: Rear
Battery: 77 kWh