2021 Rivian R1S Adventure - Specifications and price

Top speed
Body type: Pick-up
Doors: 4, Seats: 5 / 7
Length: 202.0 in / 5131 mm
Height: 72.0 in / 1829 mm
Curb weight: 5842.25 lb / 2650 kg
Top speed: 124.9 mph / 201.0 km/h
Acceleration 0-60 mph: 3.00 s
Drivetrain: All-wheel drive (AWD)
Battery: 135 kWh

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Brand, model, trim, price

Information about the brand, series, model name and year, trim and price of the electric vehicle.


The name of the manufacturer.


The model name of the electric car.


The code/name that denotes the level of equipment of the EV including exterior and interior features, battery packs, electric motors, etc.

Model year

The year for which the model is announced by the manufacturer. Most often it does not completely coincide with the calendar year in which the model is available on the market.


Markets in which this electric vehicle is available.

North America

Current MSRP of the model (before incentives) depending on the market.

USD 77,500 (USA, Nov 2020)

Body style, dimensions, volumes, weights.

Information about the EV body style, dimensions, clearance, volumes, curb weight, GVWR.

Body style

The body style of the model as defined by the number of doors and roof treatment.


Materials used in the vehicle's body construction.

Exterior colors

Available exterior colors for the model as specified by the manufacturer.

Forest Green
L.A. Silver
Rivian Blue
Glacier White
Compass Yellow
Red Canyon
El Cap Granite
Interior colors

Available interior colors for the model as specified by the manufacturer.

Number of doors

Number of doors for passengers. Depending on the body style, the doors can be two, four, etc.

Number of seats

Number of seats inclduing the driver and passenger ones. Depending on the model, the seats can be five, six, seven or other.

5 / 7

The distance from the frontmost to the rearmost point of the electric vehicle.

202.0 in (inches)
5131 mm (millimeters)
Width with folded mirrors

The width of the vehicle with folded mirrors included.

79.0 in (inches)
2007 mm (millimeters)

The distance from the ground to the top of the electric car.

72.0 in (inches)
1829 mm (millimeters)

The distance between the centers of the front and rear axle.

121.0 in (inches)
3073 mm (millimeters)
Front track

The distance between the centers (centerline) of the two wheels on the front axle.

67.3 in (inches)
1710 mm (millimeters)
Rear track

The distance between the centers (centerline) of the two wheels on the rear axle.

67.3 in (inches)
1710 mm (millimeters)

The distance from the ground to the lowest point of the vehicle measured without cargo or passengers. The ground clearance is also known as ride height.

8.1 in (inches)
205 mm (millimeters)
Minimum clearance

If the electric vehicle is equipped with a form of active suspension, it will offer a clearance range. The lowest possible clearance is shown in this field.

9.6 in (inches)
245 mm (millimeters)
Maximum clearance

This field shows the highest possible clearance achieved via the specific active suspension of the model.

14.4 in (inches)
366 mm (millimeters)
Trunk volume

The available space for cargo in the main trunk, excluding the additional available space from folding one or two rear seat rows.

311.5 l (liters)
11.00 ft3 (cubic feet)
0.31 m3 (cubic meters)
Secondary trunk volume

The available space for cargo in the secondary trunk, usually positioned in the front of the electric car.

141.5 l (liters)
5.00 ft3 (cubic feet)
0.14 m3 (cubic meters)
Curb weight

Curb weight (a.k.a. kerb weight) is the EV mass with standard equipment, liquids (oils and fuel at nominal tank capacity) but without cargo and passengers. In some EU countries, the curb weight also includes the weight of a 75 kg (165 lb) driver.

5842.25 lb (pounds)
2650 kg (kilograms)

In the context of automobiles, the payload is the summary of the weights of passengers, cargo, accessories, equipment.

1807.79 lb (pounds)
820 kg (kilograms)

GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating and is also known as gross vehicle mass (GVM). It describeds the maximum operating weight of the electric car including the curb weight and payload (accessories, equipment, driver, passengers and cargo).

7650.04 lb (pounds)
3470 kg (kilograms)
Additional information

Additional details related to the electric car's body.

Water fording depth (max) - 1 m
Approach angle in offroad mode - 34.3º
Departure angle in offroad mode - 33.7º
Ramp breakover angle in offroad mode - 28.9º
Max climbing gradient - 45 degrees
Towing capability - 3500 kg

Electric motor

Information about the model's electric motor and its performance

Additional information

Additional details about the electric motor of this model.

Four motors total torque (135 kWh pack) - 1120 Nm
Four motors total power (135 kWh pack) - 562 kW
Power per wheel - 147 kW
Torque per wheel - 3500 Nm


Information about the top speed and acceleration of the model.

Top speed

The top speed that the vehicle can achieve as specified by the manufacturer.

124.9 mph (miles per hour)
201.0 km/h (kilometers per hour)
Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph

The time in seconds the model needs to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph.

3.00 s (seconds)

Driving range

Information about the official driving range of the model according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

Real range300.1 mi / 483.0 km


Information about the type of the steering mechanism of the model and related features.

Type of steering mechanism

Information about the design type of the steering mechanism of the electric car.

Rack and pinion
Type of power steering

Information about the type of power steering used in this model.



Information about the transmission of the model.

Type of transmission

Information about the type of transmission used by the vehicle. Generally, EVs are equipped with one-speed automatic units.

Automatic single-speed reduction gear

Information about the type of drivetrain (the system that delivers power to the driving wheels).

All-wheel drive (AWD)


Information about the system of components that connects the wheels and axles to the chassis.

Front suspension

Information about the main components of the front suspension of the electric vehicle.

Double wishbone
Pneumatic (air suspension)
Rear suspension

Information about the main components of the rear suspension of the electric vehicle.

Pneumatic (air suspension)


Information about the brake system used on this model.

Front brakes

Information about the type of brakes used on the front wheels.

Ventilated discs
Rear brakes

Information about the type of brakes used on the rear wheels.

Ventilated discs


Specifications and features of the rechargeable battery that powers this vehicle.

Battery capacity

The capacity of the rechargeable battery that powers this EV as specified by the manufacturer in kilowatt hours.

135 kWh (kilowatt hours)
Number of cells

The batteries used by electric cars are usually packs that consist of a certain number of battery cells in different arrangements. Information about the total number of cells in this particular model.


Information about the position of the battery pack in the electric vehicle.

Under the floor, middle

Information about the type of battery cooling on this specific model.

Water-based coolant circulation

Charging type

Information about the different types of charging of this specific electric car.

DC fast chargingType 1 (IEC 62196-3 CC, CCS1)--160 kW

Onboard charger/Charging port

Information about the onboard charger(s)/charging port(s) available on this electric vehicle.

Onboard chargerType 1 (IEC 62196-3 CC, CCS1)11 kW--

Charging time

Information about the estimated charging time for this EV depending on the various type of charging it supports.

TypeBattery %Estimated time (h:m)
DC fast charging0% - 80%00:41

Additional features

A list of standard and optional exterior and interior features of the model.

-3 x 110-volt outlets placed in the binS
-Bed camera with alertsS
-Bin-integrated compressed airS
-2 x bin-integrated locking cables for securing gearS
-Off-Road Upgrade with reinforced underbody shield, dual front bumper tow hooks and air compressorS
-Telescoping racksS
Safety and assistance8 x airbags for occupant protectionS
Safety and assistance11 x camerasS
Safety and assistanceLevel 3 autonomy for highwayS
Safety and assistance5 x radarsS
Safety and assistanceReinforcements of the skateboard platformS
Safety and assistanceUltrasonic and a high precision GPS coupled with high definition mapsS
Safety and assistance12 x ultrasonic sensorsS
Infotainment and connectivity12.3-inch instrument clusterS
Infotainment and connectivity15.6-inch center touch screenS
Infotainment and connectivity6.8-inch rear touch screenS
Infotainment and connectivityRivian Elevation 360° audio systemS
Seats50/50 folding of third row seatsS
Seats60/40 folding of second row seatsS
SeatsDriver and passenger lumbar adjustmentS
SeatsHeated and ventilated seatsS
Doors and windowsPanoramic roofS
Upholstery100% recycled microfiber headlinerS
UpholsteryChilewich floor matsS
UpholsteryCompass Yellow interior accentsS
UpholsteryNatural-grained ash wood interior finishesS
UpholsteryPerforated vegan leather seating with patterned stitchingS


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Doors: 4, Seats: 5 / 7
Length: 202.0 in / 5131 mm
Height: 72.0 in / 1829 mm
Curb weight: 5842.25 lb / 2650 kg
Battery: 135 kWh