Comparison between:
- 2024 Xiaomi SU7 AWD
- 2024 Porsche Macan Turbo
- 2024 BMW i4 xDrive40
- 2023 Rivian R1T Adventure Dual-Motor Standard Pack

Brand, model, trim, price

Information about the brand, series, model name and year, trim and price of the electric vehicle.

2024 Xiaomi SU7 AWD2024 Porsche Macan Turbo2024 BMW i4 xDrive402023 Rivian R1T Adventure Dual-Motor Standard Pack
2024 Xiaomi SU7 AWD2024 Porsche Macan Turbo2024 BMW i4 xDrive402023 Rivian R1T Adventure Dual-Motor Standard Pack
Model alias小米SU7
Speed Ultra 7
Turbo Electric
i4 xDrive 40-
TrimAWDTurboxDrive40Adventure Dual-Motor Standard Pack
Model year2024202420242023
MarketChinaGlobalNorth AmericaNorth America
Price-EUR 114,600 (Germany, Jan 2024)USD 61,600 (USA, Jun 2023)
CAD 69,900 (Canada, Jun 2023)
USD 73,000 (USA, Feb 2023)

Body style, dimensions, volumes, weights.

Information about the EV body style, dimensions, clearance, volumes, curb weight, GVWR.

Body styleSedanSport utility vehicle (SUV)CoupePick-up
Xiaomi Titan Alloy
Exterior colorsGulf Blue
Ya Gray
Olive Green
Deep Black Metallic
Volcano Gray Metallic
Dolomite Silver Metallic
Ice Gray Metallic
Gentian Blue Metallic
Ice Blue Metallic
Papaya Metallic
Oak Green Metallic
Copper Ruby Metallic
Aventurine Green Metallic
Alpine White
Sapphire Black
Mineral White
Sunset Orange
Adventure Red
San Remo Green
Skyscraper Gray
BMW Individual Dravite Gray
BMW Individual Tanzanite Blue
BMW Individual Frozen Portimao Blue
BMW Individual Frozen Pure Gray
Forest Green
L.A. Silver
Rivian Blue
Glacier White
Compass Yellow
Red Canyon
El Cap Granite
Interior colorsGalaxy Gray
Twilight Red
Obsidian Black
Black with Turbonite
Black Leather
Black-Midnight Green
Black-Burgundy Red
Extended Black Leather
Extended Black with Turbonite
Extended Black-Burgundy Red
Extended Black-Lime Beige
Truffle Brown Leather
Canberra Beige
Tacora Red
Black Mountain
Ocean Coast
Black Mountain + Dark Ash Wood
Ocean Coast + Dark Ash Wood
Forest Edge + Warm Ash Wood
Number of doors4444
Number of seats5555
Length196.7 in
4997 mm
188.3 in
4784 mm
188.3 in
4783 mm
217.1 in
5514 mm
Width77.3 in
1963 mm
76.3 in
1938 mm
72.9 in
1852 mm
Width with mirrors-84.7 in
2152 mm
81.6 in
2073 mm
Width with folded mirrors---81.8 in
2078 mm
Height56.7 in
1440 mm
63.8 in
1621 mm
57.0 in
1448 mm
78.3 in
1989 mm
Wheelbase118.1 in
3000 mm
113.9 in
2893 mm
112.4 in
2856 mm
135.8 in
3449 mm
Front track66.9 in
1699 mm
-63.0 in
1601 mm
67.3 in
1710 mm
Rear track66.7 in
1693 mm
-64.2 in
1630 mm
67.3 in
1710 mm
Clearance--4.9 in
125 mm
Minimum clearance-7.2 in
184 mm
-9.4 in
240 mm
Maximum clearance-8.8 in
224 mm
-14.9 in
378 mm
Front headroom39.8 in
1012 mm
-40.0 in
1015 mm
Rear headroom--37.2 in
944 mm
Front shoulder room--57.9 in
1470 mm
Rear shoulder room--56.9 in
1445 mm
Trunk volume517.0 l
18.26 ft3
0.52 m3
480.0 l
16.95 ft3
0.48 m3
470.0 l
16.60 ft3
0.47 m3
311.5 l
11.00 ft3
0.31 m3
Maximum trunk volume-1288.0 l
45.49 ft3
1.29 m3
1290.0 l
45.56 ft3
1.29 m3
Secondary trunk volume105.0 l
3.71 ft3
0.10 m3
84.0 l
2.97 ft3
0.08 m3
Curb weight4861.19 lb
2205 kg
5302.12 lb
2405 kg
5048.59 lb
2290 kg
5886.34 lb
2670 kg
Payload5853.27 lb
2655 kg
1201.52 lb
545 kg
1146.4 lb
520 kg
1763.7 lb
800 kg
GVWR-6503.64 lb
2950 kg
6029.64 lb
2735 kg
7650.04 lb
3470 kg
Drag coefficient0.195 Cd0.25 Cd0.24 Cd-
Additional information-Maximum towing capacity unbraked / braked - 750 / 2000 kg
Maximum permissible roof load - 75 kg
Max. wading depth of air suspension (normal level) - 300 mm
Max. wading depth (air suspension
special terrain level) - 340 mm
Approach angle front/rear air suspension (normal level) - 12.6 - 20.6°
Ramp angle air suspension (normal level) - 14.8°
Ramp angle air suspension (special terrain level) - 18°
Weight distribution front / rear - 45.1 / 54.9 %
Maximum axle load from / rear - 1140 / 1550 kg
Maximum trailer load braked / unbraked - 1600 / 750 kg
Maximum roofload / towbar download - 75 / 75 kg
Water fording depth (max) - 1 m
Approach angle in offroad mode - 35.5º
Departure angle in offroad mode - 30º
Ramp breakover angle in offroad mode - 26.4º
Max climbing gradient - 45 degrees
Bed length (tailgate up) - 1372 mm
Bed length (tailgate down) - 2128 mm
Bed width - 1295 mm
Rear bin volume - 200 l
Gear tunnel - 337 l
Underseat volume - 95 l
Towing capability - 4990 kg
Second row leg room - 929.64 mm / 36.6 in
Second row head room - 967.74 mm / 38.1 in

Electric motor

Information about the model's electric motor and its performance

ManufacturerXiaomi HyperEngine-BMW-
Electric motor type-Permanent magnet synchronousPermanent magnet synchronous-
Location of the motorRearRearRear-
Voltage800 V---
Power275 kW
368.8 hp
373.9 ps
Torque500 Nm
51.0 kgm
368.8 ft-lb
Regenerative brakingYesYesYesYes
Driving modesBoost ModeNormal
Sport Plus
Additional informationTotal system power - 495 kW (673 ps)
Total system torque - 838 Nm
Total system power - 430 kW
Maximum power with Launch Control and Super Boost - 470 kW
Maximum torque with Launch Control - 1130 Nm
Total system power - 290 kW / 396 hp
Total system torque - 600 Nm / 443 lb-ft
BMW 5th Gen eDrive technology
Single rear motor
Total system torque - 813.5 Nm - 600 ft lbs
Total system power - 442 kW / 600 hp

Second electric motor

Information about the model's second motor and its performance.

ManufacturerXiaomi HyperEngine---
Motor type-Permanent magnet synchronousPermanent magnet synchronous-
Power220 kW
295.0 hp
299.1 ps
Torque400 Nm
40.8 kgm
295.0 ft-lb
Regenerative brakingYesYesYesYes
Driving modes-Normal
Sport Plus
Additional features---Single front motor


Information about the top speed and acceleration of the model.

Top speed164.7 mph
265.0 km/h
161.6 mph
260.0 km/h
124.3 mph
200.0 km/h
115.0 mph
185.0 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h2.78 s3.30 s5.10 s4.60 s
Acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h-2.00 s--
Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph--4.90 s4.50 s
Additional information-Max speed with all-season tyires - 240 km/h--

Driving range

Information about the official driving range of the model according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

Driving rangeReal range: 497.1 mi / 800.0 kmWLTP: 367.2 mi / 591.0 km
WLTP: 475.3 mi / 765.0 km
EPA: 307.0 mi / 494.0 kmReal range: 261.0 mi / 420.0 km

Energy efficiency

Information about the energy efficiency of the model in various measurement units according to EPA, NEDC, WPTL.

Energy efficiency-WLTP, CTY: 14.6 kWh/100 km
WLTP, CMB: 18.8 kWh/100 km

Energy class

Information about the energy class of the electric car.

Energy class--A+-


Information about the type of the steering mechanism of the model and related features.

Type of steering mechanismRack and pinionRack and pinionRack and pinionRack and pinion
Type of power steeringElectronicElectronicElectronicElectronic
Turning circle11.4 m
37.40 ft
12.1 m
39.70 ft
12.5 m
41.01 ft
Additional information-Optional rear-axle steeringOptional variable sport steering
Steering ratio - 15.5:1


Information about the transmission of the model.

Type of transmissionAutomatic single-speed reduction gearAutomatic single-speed reduction gearAutomatic single-speed reduction gearAutomatic single-speed reduction gear
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive (AWD)All-wheel drive (AWD)All-wheel drive (AWD)All-wheel drive (AWD)
Additional information-Electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management (ePTM)
Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus)
Rear-axle steering


Information about the system of components that connects the wheels and axles to the chassis.

Front suspensionIndependent
Double wishbone
Air springs
Pneumatic (air suspension)
Air springs
Shock absorbers
Double-joint spring strut axle
Hydraulically damped torque strut bearing
Double wishbone
Pneumatic (air suspension)
Rear suspensionIndependent
CDC damping variable shock absorber
Pneumatic (air suspension)
Air springs
Shock absorbers
Five-link axle
Optional air suspension with automatic self-levelling
Pneumatic (air suspension)
Additional information-Porsche Active Suspension Management - 4 modes
Adaptive Air Suspension
Horizontal Height Control
Service Height Adjustment - 4 height positions


Information about the brake system used on this model.

Front brakes-Ventilated discsVentilated discsVentilated discs
Rear brakes-Ventilated discsVentilated discsVentilated discs
Additional informationBosch ESP 10.0
Bosch DPB brake controller
Cast iron brakes
Red brake calipers
Optional black brake calipers
6-piston aluminum monobloc fixed caliper brakes on the front axle
Combined floating calipers on the rear axle
Front - four-piston fixed calipers
Rear - single-piston floating calipers


Information about the rims available for this electric car.



Information about the tyres available for this electric vehicle.

275/55R21 116H
275/50R22 115H
275/65R20 116H


Specifications and features of the rechargeable battery that powers this vehicle.

ManufacturerXiaomi and CATLCATL--
Type of rechargeable battery-Lithium-IonLithium-Ion-
Battery capacity101 kWh100 kWh83.9 kWh-
Voltage871 V800 V398.5 V-
Weight--1212.54 lb
550 kg
LocationUnder the floor, middleUnder the floor, middleUnder the floor, middleUnder the floor, middle
Cooling-Water-based coolant circulationWater-based coolant circulation
Heat pipe
Water-based coolant circulation
Additional informationSilicon carbide (SiC) Battery
CTB (cell-to-body) integrated battery technology
Double-sided cooling area is 7.8 sq.m.
165 pieces of aerogel fill the cell sides
14 layers of hard-core physical protection
Net battery capacity - 96 kWhNet battery capacity - 81.5 kWh
Battery capacity in Ah - 210.6
Prismatic cells

Charging type

Information about the different types of charging of this specific electric car.

Charging type-AC charging, 11 kW
DC Charging, 270 kW
Wallbox, 11 kW
DC fast charging, 205 kW
Wall charger, 11.5 kW
DC fast charging, 160 kW

Onboard charger/Charging port

Information about the onboard charger(s)/charging port(s) available on this electric vehicle.

Onboard charger/Charging port-Onboard charger, Type 2 CCS2, 11 kWOnboard charger, Type 2 CCS2, 7.4 kW
Onboard charger, Type 2 CCS2, 11 kW
Onboard charger, Type 2 CCS2, 11.5 kW

Charging time

Information about the estimated charging time for this EV depending on the various type of charging it supports.

Charging time--DC fast charging, 0:31
Wallbox 11 kW, 8:30
DC fast charging, 0:41

Additional features

A list of standard and optional exterior and interior features of the model.

Additional featuresAutomatic emergency braking (S)
Door opening warning (S)
Emergency lane keeping (S)
Forward collision warning (S)
Forward travel warning (S)
Front airbag for driver and front passenger (S)
Lane change auxiliary warning (S)
Lane departure correction (S)
Lane departure warning (S)
Low-speed anti-collision warning (S)
2 x Nvidia Orin X chips for Xiaomi Pilot system (S)
Rear collision warning (S)
Reversing through warning (S)
Special optimization for two-wheeled vehicles (S)
Speeding warning (S)
2 x Super-long curtain airbags on the sides (S)
Traffic lights reminder (S)
Vertical airbag between the two front passengers (S)
16.1-inch central touchscreen with 3K resolution (S)
56-inch HUD (S)
2 x 7.1-inch rear seat displays (S)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip for the smart cockpit (S)
Xiaomi HyperOS (S)
Sport seats (S)
Glass roof (S)
Windshield sun protection and heat insulation (S)
Adaptive matrix headlights (S)
Dynamic ambient interior lights (S)
Level 1 Oeko-Tex Safety Certification (S)
Nappa Leather (S)
Carbon fibre front sill guards with white illuminated model logos (S)
Fold-out towbar (O)
Off-road DesignPackage (O)
Sport Chrono Package (O)
Stainless steel pedal pads (S)
Turbonite Compass Dial / Sport Chrono Chronograph Dial (S)
Turbonite painted model markings and "electric" markings (S)
Adaptive cruise control (O)
Anti-theft alarm system with in-vehicle monitoring (S)
Cornering and steering assist (S)
Cruise control (S)
Curtaub airbags (S)
Electronic Tolling Device (ETC) (O)
First aid kit with warning triangle signage (S)
Full-size airbags for driver and front passenger (S)
HomeLink (O)
Intersection Assist System (S)
Lane Change Assist (S)
Lane Keeping Assist with Emergency Stop (S)
Multi-collision automatic braking system (S)
Option to disable the front passenger side airbag (S)
Porsche InnoDrive incl. Active Lane Guidance (O)
Porsche Stability Management (PSM) (S)
Rear ISOFIX fastening system (S)
Rear seats side airbags (S)
Surround View incl. Active Parking Assistance (O)
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) (S)
Traffic Sign Recognition System (S)
Vehicle Acoustic Warning System (AVAS) (S)
Warning and brake assist (S)
Warning and brake assist with emergency braking function (S)
21 x -speaker, 1470W Burmester high-end surround sound system (O)
14 x -speaker, 710W BOSE surround sound system (S)
10.9" touch display on the front passenger side (O)
12.6" curved infotainment display (S)
15W wireless charging pad in the center console (S)
220 V power socket in the luggage compartment (O)
230V socket in the cargo compartment (O)
Augmented reality (AR) head-up display (O)
Compass display on dashboard (O)
Compass display on dashboard (O)
Porsche Electric Sport Sound (O)
Porsche keyless entry system (S)
Pre-installed Porsche Dashcam (O)
Air purifying ionizer with particulate/pollen sensor (PM2.5) (O)
Central display visualization and PM2.5 automatic air recirculation (O)
Dual-zone automatic climate control (S)
Four-zone premium climate control (O)
Turbonite air conditioning control panel (S)
Heat pumps (S)
Coloured seat belts (O)
Contrasting leather seat center (O)
Front comfort seats with comfort memory package - 14-way power adjustable (O)
Front seat massage function with front seat ventilation (O)
Heated front seats (S)
Heated rear seats (O)
ISOFIX child seat support points on the front passenger seat (O)
Sports Seats - 18-way power adjustable (S)
Ventilated front seats (S)
Electronically adjustable steering column (S)
Heated leather multifunction GT sports steering wheel with carbon fiber (O)
Heated leather multifunction GT sports steering wheel with mode switch knob (S)
Heated multifunction GT sports steering wheel in Race-Tex fabric with carbon fiber inserts (O)
Heated multifunction GT sports steering wheel in Race-Tex fabric with mode switch knob (O)
Heated steering wheel (S)
Steering wheel with Turbonite Porsche coat of arms (S)
Aluminium roof rails (O)
Black (high-gloss) lacquered lower rear apron design trim (O)
Black (high-gloss) painted air guide blades (O)
Black (high-gloss) painted door handles (O)
Black (high-gloss) painted sideblades (O)
Black lacquered SportDesign side skirts (S)
Body-colored sideblades (O)
Carbon fiber sideblades (O)
Door handles painted in the same color as the body (S)
Electric tailgate (O)
Electronic charging port cover (O)
Heated windshield (O)
Manual charging port cover (S)
Motorized sunshade roller blinds for rear side windows (O)
Painted lower rear apron design trim in the same colour as the body (O)
Privacy glass (O)
Rear windshield wipers (O)
Thermal and acoustic glass (O)
Thermal and acoustic glass, including privacy glass (O)
Turbonite painted side window trims (S)
Turbonite sideblades (S)
Two-piece panoramic sunroof system (O)
Aspherical mirrors on the driver's side (S)
Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors (S)
Black (high-gloss) painted exterior mirrors (O)
Carbon fiber exterior mirror upper trim (O)
Electrically adjustable heated folding exterior mirrors (S)
Exterior mirrors painted in the same color as the body (O)
Silver trim (O)
Upper trim in body color and lower trim in high-gloss black (S)
4-point lighting design including low beams (S)
Ambient and scene lighting (S)
Darkened LED matrix headlights with PDLS Plus (O)
Darkened LED taillights that include strip lights (O)
Electronically controlled cornering lights (S)
Glacier Blue LED matrix headlights with PDLS Plus (O)
High-performance auxiliary high beam LEDs (S)
LED matrix headlights (84 pixels) with PDLS Plus (S)
LED matrix headlights with camera calibration (S)
LED taillights that include glacier blue strip lights (O)
LED taillights with integrated four-point brake lights (S)
LED taillights with three-dimensional illumination graphics (S)
Porsche logo LED door control lights (O)
Strip taillights and a third LED brake light (S)
Leather (S)
Leather headliner handles (O)
Race-Tex fabric headliner (S)
Race-Tex fabric headliner handles (O)
Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go Function (O)
Active Protection (O)
ARB technology (bear-actuator wheel slip limitation) (S)
Automatic Brake System (ABS) (S)
Automatic Stability Control (ASC) (S)
Belt latch tensioner and force limiter on front seats (S)
Central locking system (S)
Cornering Brake Control (CBC) (S)
Crash sensors (S)
Cruise control with brake function (S)
Drive-off Assistant (S)
Driver and front passenger front airbags (S)
Driver and front passenger side airbags (S)
Driver Attention Assist (S)
Driving Assistant (O)
Dry Braking function (S)
Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) (S)
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) (S)
Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) (S)
Fading compensation (S)
Front and rear seats head airbargs (S)
Head airbags for front and rear seats (S)
Hill Descent Control (HDC) (S)
ISOFIX on outer rear seats (S)
Parking Assistant (S)
Parking Assistant Plus (O)
Performance control (S)
Rearview camera (S)
Three-point inertia-reel seatbelts on all seats (S)
Trailer stability control (S)
Tyre pressure indicator (S)
6 x -speaker audio system (S)
17 x -speaker, 464W, 9.0 CH Harman Kardon Surround Sound System (O)
BMW IconicSound Electric (O)
BMW Live Cockpit Plus with BMW Curved Display (S)
BMW Operating System 8.5 with navigation (S)
Hi-Fi Loudspeaker System (O)
Automatic 3-zone air conditioner (S)
Electrically adjustable front seats with memory (O)
Heated front and rear seats (O)
Power adjustable lumbar support on front seats (O)
Sports seats (S)
Adjustable sports steering wheel in leather (S)
Heated steering wheel (O)
Power tailgate (S)
Power windows (S)
Power-adjustable glass sunroof (O)
Rain sensor (S)
Sun and heat protective glazing (S)
Auto-dimming rearview mirror (S)
Heated, auto-dimming, and power-adjustable side mirrors (S)
Ambient interior lights (O)
BMW LaserLight (O)
Headlamps levelling (S)
High Beam Assist (O)
LED headlights (S)
LED taillights (S)
Welcome and Home lights (S)
Cloth/Sensatec (S)
Vernasca Leather (O)
3 x 110-volt outlets placed in the bin (S)
Bed camera with alerts (S)
Bin-integrated compressed air (S)
2 x bin-integrated locking cables for securing gear (S)
Gear Guard (S)
Off-Road Upgrade with reinforced underbody shield, dual front bumper tow hooks and air compressor (S)
Powered tonneau cover (S)
Telescoping racks (S)
Adaptive Cruise Control: (S)
8 x airbags for occupant protection (S)
Automatic Emergency Braking (S)
Automatic High Beams (S)
Blind Spot Warning (S)
10 x cameras (S)
Dynamic Brake Support (S)
Forward Collision Warning (S)
Highway Assist (S)
Lane Change Assist (S)
Lane Departure Warning (S)
Lane Keep Assistance (S)
Level 3 autonomy for highway (S)
Park Assist (S)
5 x radars (S)
Rear Cross-Traffic Warning (S)
Reinforcements of the skateboard platform (S)
Trailer Assist (S)
Ultrasonic and a high precision GPS coupled with high definition maps (S)
12 x ultrasonic sensors (S)
12.3-inch instrument cluster (S)
15.6-inch center touch screen (S)
6.8-inch rear touch screen (S)
Rivian Elevation 360° audio (S)
Driver and passenger lumbar adjustment (S)
Heated and ventilated seats (S)
Panoramic roof (S)
100% recycled microfiber headliner (S)
Chilewich floor mats (S)
Compass Yellow interior accents (S)
Natural-grained ash wood interior finishes (S)
Perforated vegan leather seating with patterned stitching (S)

Additional information

Additional information about this electric vehicle.

Additional informationModena EV platformSome optional features can be offered as standard and vice versa depending on the marketSome of the features may differ from market to market in terms of being standard or optional.-
 2024 Xiaomi SU7 AWD2024 Porsche Macan Turbo2024 BMW i4 xDrive402023 Rivian R1T Adventure Dual-Motor Standard Pack