About Us

EVSpecifications.com aims to bring structure and sense into the whirlpool of data about electric vehicles. We publish well-structured, detailed and precise specifications of electric cars as well as provide visitors with a tool to generate comparisons of various EV models. The technical data, specifications and features are complemented by news related to the electric vehicle industry - about main and emerging brands, announcements and launches of new models, information about established and new EV technologies, interesting rumors.

The website is created, edited and maintained by a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts with strong interest in all related technologies and achievements. The data is personally collected following contacts with manufacturers, official documentation, professional reviews, specialized forums, real-life photos and videos. Our visitors are also free to contribute to the information listed on the website by contacting us directly with suggestions about new models, news tips, and about additions or corrections to the electric vehicle specifications published on the website. Notifying us about missing or incorrect data is as simple as clicking on the "Suggest an edit" button placed on every model page and submitting the form. Our editors will verify the received information and take the final decision whether modifications to the data of a particular model should be made.